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July|August 2022

Electric Living

For those of us of a certain age, the mention of Georgia Power in the classroom elicits one specific memory - the distinctive arcs, zaps, and pops that plague the unfortunate citizens of Powertown - the electrical safety presentation that has trained young people how to respond to a variety of electricity scenarios for decades.

Those who have had children in a Georgia school over the past decade, however, may recognize Georgia Power as a wholly different kind of presence in our education system. 

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With coordinators in every region of the state since its inception, Learning Power has had an all-state approach to its signature energy and energy efficiency curriculum from the beginning. Traditionally, the program offered in-classroom lessons with interactive labs and classroom activities that encouraged STEM learning and career exploration - from introducing preschoolers to the ideas behind energy efficiency and conservation to leading high schoolers through an in-depth discussion on renewable energy sources. The Learning Power curriculum is aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence, ensuring that every lesson and activity serves to energize learning and enhance the education experience of every participating student.

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When COVID-19 forced schools into a virtual format, Georgia Power’s educational team followed suit - ramping up their already underway efforts to offer every lesson in a virtual format. Today, Learning Power offers four lesson formats: in-person, live virtual, student self-paced, and pre-recorded. Providing schools with options both ensures that teachers and students have access to the interactions with which they’re most comfortable and allows the team to expand their reach to schools around the state. As of 2021, Georgia Power had engaged over 900,000 students at 1,600 schools statewide since launching a decade before. 

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It isn’t just students who benefit from Georgia Power’s educational focus. Through various programs and partnerships, Georgia Power supports both teachers and those looking to enter or strengthen their position in the workforce. In June of this year, our Workforce Development team hosted a four-day Teacher Externship, helping Georgia’s educators prepare future generations for in-demand energy careers, providing them with an overview of the skilled trade careers available, and even giving insight into some of the training our apprentices undergo to become lineworkers.

From in-person and virtual programs and the Learning Power app, where students from PreK – 12th grade can explore interactive STEM and energy efficiency games, to our educator and workforce development resources, we’re doing our part to make sure the future stays bright for generations of Georgians. 

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To learn more about Learning Power, visit

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More than Just Fun

Georgia’s Lakes are fueling a sustainable future

As the summer comes to a close, many of us are doing everything we can to soak up those last moments in the great outdoors before Autumn sets in and brings with it cooler weather and, for some, a return to school. For some, nothing is better on a hot late-summer day than a dip in the lake. 

But Georgia’s lakes are good for much more than fun in the sun. 

Of the 35 lakes in Georgia, 15 are owned and managed by Georgia Power. With over 30,000 acres of available space, we’re the largest non-government provider of recreation facilities in the state. But while we’re happy to give Georgia more access to the lake life, our lakes provide an equally critical function, namely hydroelectric generation – the original renewable power source. 

Electric Living 2207
Electric Living 2207

Our first foray into hydro came in 1904, when the company purchased Morgan Falls and began using the dam to generate electricity for the City of Atlanta. Today, Georgia Power maintains 16 dams that generate carbon-free electricity for customers in every part of the state. 

As we move deeper into the 21st century, hydro continues to make up an important part of our commitment to reducing our reducing our carbon emissions by 60% and doubling our renewable energy generation by 2035. It is our goal both as an organization and citizens of the State of Georgia to ensure that Georgians can continue to enjoy the natural wonders of our state, confident that the clean, safe, affordable energy they expect and deserve is as reliable tomorrow as it is today.

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Learn more about our lakes as well as our commitment to renewable energy, visit

One more jump in the lake

Looking for a perfect way to say farewell to summer? Spend some time under Georgia’s wide-open skies before the kids go back to the classroom. You can book campgrounds or day passes for any of the 15 Georgia Power lakes and even purchase an annual pass if you want to get a jump on next summer!

Learn more about our lakes as well as our commitment to renewable energy, visit

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Electric Living 2207


Ready for a cool down?

As the temperature outside continues to stay high, we know that you depend on Georgia Power to continue to deliver the energy you need to stay cool.

Although the summer heat may cause you to use more energy, we have tips and programs that can help you minimize summer’s effect on your bill. Just a few small changes around the house can make a big difference.

You may also notice that Georgia Power's rates change in the summer months, as energy costs much more to produce to meet peak energy demand in hot weather, which can also lead to a higher bill than you may see other times of the year.

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Electric Living 2207

A few tips to keep you cool:

Fire up the grill
Cooking food outdoors rather than using your oven or stove will help you keep indoor temperatures down.

Clear the air
Keep air vents and returns clear of obstructions in order to maintain consistent indoor temperature.

Use your fans
Ceiling fans can allow you raise your thermostat setting up to 4 degrees. Make sure the’re rotating the right way.

Find out more ways to keep cool while saving energy at

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