Land Management

Our company’s investment in land and wise conservation results in benefits to our customers, the public and our stockholders while enhancing company image and influence.

Georgia Power is one of Georgia’s largest private landowners, and we currently own and manage approximately 96,500 acres of land, the large majority of which is forested.

The Land Department manages these properties under three basic guidelines:

  1. Protect company assets and the environment
  2. Promote the use of these lands for the public good where practical
  3. Implement wise utilization of renewable natural resources to generate revenue

Our Mission

Our mission success is continually demonstrated through preservation and enhancement of the scenic, environmental, cultural and recreational attributes of those lands. Staff foresters carefully evaluate each tract to determine the optimal management approach.

Some properties will be managed for intensive pine silviculture to produce timber, while others may be left largely untouched to provide project buffers or to preserve rare species in unique habitats.

Governmental and community organizations

We have been involved in the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Forestry For Wildlife Partnership (FWP) since the program’s inception in 1998.

The FWP recognizes large corporate landowners for implementing favorable wildlife practices on working timber lands and is a good match for our land management approach.

Our diverse land enhancement approaches

Examples of our diverse land enhancement approaches include practicing sustainable timber management in unison with maintaining wildlife habitat, modifying mowing and herbicide practices to enhance plant and wildlife habitat, installing nesting boxes and platforms for native birds, and planting and managing hundreds of acres of longleaf pine as part of a massive restoration program.

Georgia Power's operational mission

Our operational mission requires strategic acquisition of lands that satisfy business demands. Just as with existing company lands, we strive to identify natural resource conservation opportunities on newly acquired lands and seek measures directly or through partnerships that maintain or enhance the value of those resources through sound and innovative conservation practices.