Power Outage Overview

Georgia Power is committed to safely delivering reliable power. Even so, during storms your power can sometimes blink or flicker or go off. 

What Causes a Power Outage?

An outage occurs when your lights go off and stay off for more than few seconds. 

blink occurs when your lights go off for a few seconds but come back and stay on.

flicker occurs when your lights dim slightly.

Outages can be caused by a number of factors including trees, animals, snow or ice. Learn how power flows to your home or business and the varying causes of outages. 

You can count on us to respond quickly and bring electricity back quickly if a storm knocks out power. Meanwhile, take these steps to prepare yourself and your family and friends for bad weather.

Report a Street Light Outage

Light out on your street? Use our interactive map tool to let us know exaclty where the outage is located.

Report Outage

Generator Safety

In a power outage, a portable generator may be needed. But be careful - if not used properly, generators can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock, or fire.

If you run a portable generator in a power outage, follow these safety guidelines:

NEVER use a generator in an enclosed space.

Generators produce high levels of carbon monoxide quickly. You cannot smell or see carbon monoxide. It can be deadly.

If you feel sick, dizzy, or weak while using a generator, get fresh air right away. If you feel seriously ill, get immediate medical attention. Do not delay! Tell medical staff you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning. If you became ill indoors, let the fire department determine when it is safe to re-enter the building.

Turn off electrical devices before you connect them to a generator or generator-powered circuit.

After a generator is running, switch connected devices on one by one. Shut them down again before you switch back to Georgia Power service.

Carefully follow the manufacturer's technical information.

Be sure your generator is rated for 240-volt loads, as well as 120-volt, if you hook up larger appliance like ranges, well pumps or dryers.

Inspect and maintain your generator.

Keep fresh gas in the tank. Run the generator periodically so it's ready when you need it.

Meter Box Damage

It's very important to understand an essential fact about your meter box - this important part of your electric system does NOT belong to Georgia Power.

The meter box belongs to the customer. If it's damaged by weather or by any kind of accident, repair is the customer's responsibility. Georgia Power cannot, by regulation, connect power to a damaged meter box.

A customer can feel tremendous frustration at this restriction. It's understandable - after anxious hours waiting for power to be restored, who wouldn't be frustrated by an even longer wait?

Still, if your meter box (or the pole on top of it) is damaged, a professional electrician must repair it to code before we're allowed to restore your service.

Online Outage Alerts

Step 1: Log In to your account 

Step 2: Set Outage Alerts. You will be directed to Manage Your Communications from Georgia Power

Step 3: Choose your preferred type of contact

  • Text Note: a mobile number will be required (no landlines). When you receive the confirmation text, you must accept the terms and conditions to complete your registration
  • Email 
  • Voice (phone call). Note: you will receive a phone call and you will enter the phone number of a landline or a mobile phone

Step 4: Create a description that's easy for you (e.g. Home, Carol's cell, Work email, Son, Daughter, Nanny).

Step 5: Enter an email address or a phone number, depending on your chosen method of contact.

Step 6: Do Not Contact - if there are times when you prefer NOT to be contacted, click the checkbox and use the drop downs to select those hours. 

Step 7: Save

Sign up for Alerts Now

Text Outage Alerts

Step 1: Text REG to GAPWR (427-97). Press SEND


Step 2: For your security, we will send a text requesting additional information.

Enter your 10-digit phone number or your Georgia Power account number. Press SEND

Enter your ZIP CODE. Press SEND


Step 3: You will receive a text to confirm your address (which will be shown) and accept the terms and conditions. To read the terms and conditions, click on the link provided in the text. 

Text Y (for yes).

Press SEND to accept the terms and conditions and complete your registration. 


Step 4: You will receive a text confirming completion of your registration and providing instructions for unsubscribing should you desire to do so in the future. 

Help On Outage Alerts

Change or Edit an Alert

Change a phone number, email, alert type or description under Manage Your Communications. 


Click Remove. Select Add a way to contact me. Enter your alert Information.


Delete an Outage Alert by selecting Remove or Temporarily halt an Outage Alert byselecting Pause. 


Click Resume to deactivate a temporary pause and start receiving outage alerts again. 

Understanding Outages

We are committed to safely delivering reliable power. Use this interactive tool to learn more about outages.

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