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Each year we publish a variety of reports concerning both our financial performance and our performance in other facets of our business. We publish our SEC filing, annual report and information statement on our website for the public. View and download reports and information here.

By the Numbers

Where Revenues Came From
Residential 39%
Commercial 36%
Industrial 16%
Wholesale 2%
Other 7%
Charitable Causes
Contributions from Georgia Power and Georgia Power Foundation, Inc. $18.9M
Value of employee and retiree volunteer hours $3.1M
Raised by employee giving campaign $1M
Organizations supported 1,400+
Transmission & Distribution
Overhead and underground distribution lines added 512 miles
Total distribution lines 76,484 miles
Total transmission lines (Georgia Power owned) 12,622 miles


2,588,957 Georgia Power customers as of Dec. 31, 2019.

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Customers by Region*

Georgia Power provides electric service to customers in 155 of the state’s 159 counties. 

Georgia Power Plants as of Dec. 31, 2019

Name Kw Capacity Fuel Source
Bartletts Ferry 173,000 Hydro
Boulevard 19,700 Oil
Bowen 3,160,000 Coal
Burton 6,120 Hydro
Comer Solar 2,160 Solar
Dalton 6,508 Solar
Estatoah 240 Hydro
Flint River 5,400 Hydro
Falcons Solar 1 327 Solar
Falcons Solar 2 212 Solar
Falcons Solar 3 480 Solar
Fort Benning 30,005 Solar
Fort Gordon 30,000 Solar
Fort Stewart 30,000 Solar
Guyton 3,600 Solar
Goat Rock 38,600 Hydro
Hatch 899,612 Nuclear
Kings Bay 30,161 Solar
Lloyd Shoals 14,400 Hydro
MCLB* 31,161 Solar
McDonough, C.C. 2,520,000 Oil, Gas
McDonough-Unit 3 78,800 Oil, Gas
McIntosh 163,117 Coal
McIntosh, C.C. 1,318,920 Oil, Gas
McIntosh, C.T. 640,000 Oil, Gas
Name Kw Capacity Fuel Source
McManus** 481,700 Oil
Morgan Falls 16,800 Hydro
Nacoochee 4,800 Hydro
North Highlands 29,600 Hydro
Oliver Dam 60,000 Hydro
Robins 158,400 Oil, Gas
Rocky Mountain 229,362 Hydro
Scherer 750,924 Coal
Sinclair Dam 45,000 Hydro
Tallulah Falls 72,000 Hydro
Terrora 16,000 Hydro
Tri-County EMC 1,008 Solar
Tugalo 45,000 Hydro
UGA 984 Solar
Vogtle 1,060,240 Nuclear
Wallace Dam 321,300 Hydro
Wansley 925,550 Coal
Wansley, C.T. 26,322 Oil
Wilson** 354,100 Oil
Yates 700,000 Gas
Yonah 22,500 Hydro

*Marine Corps Logistics Base Solar

C.C. – Combined cycle; C.T. – Combustion turbines

** Includes internal combustion unit

Jointly Owned Plants as of Dec. 31, 2019

Units Gulf Power OPC MEAG Dalton Georgia Power Total MW Capacity
Hatch 1&2 30.0 17.7 2.2 50.1 1,796
Rocky Mtn. 1-3 74.6 25.4 903
Scherer* 1&2 60.0 30.2 1.4 8.4 1,636
Scherer* 3 25.0 75.0 818
Vogtle 1&2 30.0 22.7 1.6 45.7 2,320
Wansley 1&2 30.0 15.1 1.4 53.5 1,730
Wansley, C.T. 5A 30.0 15.1 1.4 53.5 49

OPC - Oglethorpe Power Corporation; MEAG - Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia; Dalton - City of Dalton, Georgia

Units Duke Energy, Florida Florida Power & Light Jacksonville Electric Authority Georgia Power
Scherer* 4 76.4 23.6

* Plant Scherer’s total MW capacity is 3,272.

Generating Capacity

Total Georgia Power Kw Capacity
Gas/Oil 6,297,942
Coal 4,836,474
Nuclear 1,959,852
Hydro 1,099,882
Renewables 169,006
Total 14,363,156

Fuel Cost for Generation

Cents Per Kilowatt-Hour
Nuclear 0.81
Coal 3.09
Oil and Gas 2.42
Average 2.16

†Georgia Power reports only the null energy output from some renewable generating facilities. Ownership of the associated renewable energy credits (RECs) is specified in each respective power purchase agreement or program tariff. The party that owns the RECs retains the right to use and report them.

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