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Plant Bowen Groundwater Monitoring and Dewatering Information

Plant Bowen, which began commercially operating in 1975, is located 9 miles southwest of Cartersville, Georgia. The four units of the coal-fired power plant are capable of producing 3,376 megawatts of electricity, and can supply enough energy to power over 1.9 million homes annually. In addition, the plant is home to the Water Research Center, the nation’s first research facility dedicated to finding new ways to reduce, conserve and improve the quality of water used by power plants to generate electricity. 

Ash Pond Dewatering Plan

The company prepares and submits an ash pond dewatering plan to Environmental Protection Division for its approval. This site-specific plan identifies the enhanced water treatment system, controls and monitoring that will be used during the process to ensure that the water discharged is protective of water quality standards.

Plant Bowen Dewatering Plan

Ash Pond Dewatering Results