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Plant McDonough Groundwater Monitoring and Dewatering Information

Plant McDonough-Atkinson is named for the late John J. ”Jack” McDonough, who served as Georgia Power’s president from 1957 to 1963 and for Henry M. Atkinson, one of the founders of Georgia Railway and Electric Company. Georgia Power retired its coal-fired units at Plant McDonough-Atkinson in 2011 and added three natural gas combined cycle units, which began commercially operating in 2012. The three natural gas units are capable of producing 2,520 megawatts of electricity and can supply enough energy to power approximately 1.7 million homes. 

Ash Pond Dewatering Plan

The company prepares and submits an ash pond dewatering plan to EPD for its approval. This site-specific plan identifies the enhanced water treatment system, controls and monitoring that will be used during the process to ensure that the water discharged is protective of water quality standards.

Ash Pond Dewatering Plan

Ash Pond Dewatering Results