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Georgia Power and Ron Clark Academy celebrate renewed STEM partnership

October 2, 2019

Georgia Power and the world-renowned Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta continue to provide new skills and training for Georgia educators through the annual PowerED Fellows program. PowerED Fellows, funded by The Georgia Power Foundation Inc., receive a three-day professional developmental experience at the Ron Clark Academy focused on STEM-related best practices in teaching and student engagement to prepare the workforce of the future. Since the beginning of this partnership six years ago, more than 450 fellows from more than 140 Georgia schools have completed the training.

"The Georgia Power Foundation is honored to work with the Ron Clark Academy to help our state's educators stay at the forefront of STEM education and we congratulate all of the teachers who have completed the PowerED Fellows program," said Mike Anderson, senior vice president of charitable giving for Georgia Power. "Ensuring that our teachers have the tools and resources they need to prepare and empower Georgia students for future careers is one piece of our commitment to improving education in the state and we look forward to bringing more teachers to the Ron Clark Academy through this exciting program."

Georgia Power's commitment to education spans its more than 100-year history and is emphasized companywide. The company offers free resources for educators including interactive diagrams, an online energy calculator, access to power plant tours and more. For more information about Georgia Power's initiatives and programs, visit     

2019 PowerED Fellows include:

Northwest Georgia

  • Sheri Miller, Atlanta Public Schools (Frederick Douglass High School)
  • Sakia Franklin-Jones, Atlanta Public Schools (Frederick Douglass High School)
  • Tianna Stroud, Atlanta Public Schools (Frederick Douglass High School)
  • Brian Cook, Atlanta Public Schools (South Atlanta High School)
  • Monique Watson, Atlanta Public Schools (Frederick Douglass High School)
  • Beth Payton, Bartow County (Adairsville High)
  • Katy Carder, Bartow County (Adairsville High)
  • Sarah Callaway, Bartow County (Adairsville Middle)
  • Sarah Maddox, Bartow County (Adairsville Middle)
  • Bruce Mulkey, Bartow County (Adairsville High)
  • Drew Elrod, Bartow County (Adairsville Middle)
  • Paula Camp, Bartow County (Central Office)
  • Stefanie Easterwood, Coweta County (East Coweta High School)
  • Priscilla Lee, Coweta County (East Coweta Middle School)
  • Schwanda Jackson, Coweta County (Coweta County School System)
  • Dekima Leaphart, Coweta County (East Coweta High School)
  • Marie Smallwood, Coweta County (East Coweta Middle School)
  • Stephanie Ferrari, Coweta County (East Coweta Middle School)
  • Danielle Ratzlaff , Coweta County (East Coweta High School)
  • Aletha Miller, Douglas County (Turner Middle School)
  • Melody Scretchen, Douglas County (Lithia Springs High School)
  • Felicia Jones, Douglas County (Lithia Springs High School)
  • Kathleen French , Douglas County (Central Office)
  • Lauren Pugh, Douglas County (Turner Middle School)
  • Roxann Stephens, Douglas County (Lithia Springs High School)
  • Rhonda May, Douglas County (Tuner Middle School)
  • Sallie Holloway, Gwinnett County (District Office)
  • Carly Cantrell, Gwinnett County (Paul Duke STEM High School)
  • Ashley Nylin, Gwinnett County (Pinckneyville Middle School)
  • Lauren Watson, Gwinnett County (Pinckneyville Middle School)
  • Lee Conger, Gwinnett County (Paul Duke STEM High School)

Northeast Georgia

  • David A Buddenbaum, Hart County Charter System (County Office)
  • Christie Simpson, Hart County Charter System (Hart County High School)
  • Kim Hoy, Hart County Charter System (Hart County Middle and High School)
  • Melissa Morgan, Hart County Charter System (Hart County High School)
  • Sandy Floyd, Hart County Charter System , (Hart County Middle School)
  • Tami Waller, Hart County Charter System (Hart County Middle School)
  • Jacqueline Brock, Hart County Charter System (Hart County Middle School)
  • Amy Brown, McDuffie County (Thomson-McDuffie Middle School)
  • Dottie Thomas, McDuffie County (Thomson High School)
  • Karah Fields, McDuffie County (Thomson-McDuffie Middle School)
  • Lynn Cato, McDuffie County (District Office)
  • Sonya Strong, McDuffie County (Thomson High School)
  • Barry Joiner, McDuffie County (Thomson-McDuffie Middle School)
  • Maureen Adams McDuffie County (Thomson High School)
  • Natasha Birt, Richmond County (Innovation Academy)
  • Gabriel Harris, Richmond County (Innovation Academy)
  • Robert Jones, Richmond County (Innovation Academy)
  • Andrew Morrison, Richmond County (Innovation Academy)
  • Kourtney Bell, Richmond County (Innovation Academy)
  • Hazetta Churchwell, Richmond County (Innovation Academy)
  • Alethea Coleman, Richmond County (District Office)
  • Eddie Gilbert, Richmond County (Innovation Academy)
  • Angie Davis, White County School System (White County High School)
  • Jessi Biddy, White County School System (White County Middle School)
  • Robin Churchwell, White County School System (White County Middle School)
  • Sherry Mayo, White County School System (White County High School)
  • Jack Fullerton, White County School System (White County Middle School)
  • Chris Dotson, White County School System (White County High School)
  • Molly Nigro, White County School System (White County School System)

Southwest Georgia

  • Keith Groeper, Bibb County (Rutland Middle School)
  • Jennifer Richards, Bibb County (Rutland Middle School)
  • Marissa Rondina , Bibb County (Rutland High School)
  • Sheela Stembridge Martin, Bibb County (Rutland Middle School)
  • Alysia Bluford, Bibb County (Rutland High School)
  • Cherri Nix, Bibb County (District Office)
  • Wendy Pooler, Bibb County (Rutland High School)
  • Quinten Fuller, Decatur County (Bainbridge Middle School)
  • Tynesee Butler, Decatur County (Bainbridge Middle School)
  • Bobby Daniels, Decatur County (Bainbridge High School)
  • Cindy Harrell, Decatur County (Bainbridge Middle School)
  • Kaycee Wade, Decatur County (John Johnson Elementary)
  • Hildy Conder, Decatur County (John Johnson Elementary)
  • Pam Ward, Decatur County (John Johnson Elementary)
  • Mac Lewis, Decatur County (Bainbridge High School)
  • April Aldridge, Decatur County (Bainbridge High School)
  • Christine M. Pugh, Decatur County (Bainbridge High School)
  • Kyle Kelley, Decatur County (Bainbridge High School)
  • Crycynthia Gardner, Decatur County (Hutto Middle School)
  • Larry Lowe, Decatur County (Hutto Middle School)
  • JaMichael Perry, Decatur County (Hutto Middle School)
  • Terrie Lockhart, Dooly County (Dooly County High School)
  • Tywana Lester, Dooly County (Dooly County K8 Academy)
  • Lang Oglesby, Dooly County (Dooly County K-8 Academy)
  • Johnathan Page, Dooly County (Dooly County Board Office)
  • Aisha Carr, Dooly County (Dooly County High School)
  • Tavoris Brown, Dooly County (Dooly County High School)
  • Valarie Trice, Dooly County (Dooly County K-8 Academy)

Southeast Georgia

  • Kelli Ricks, Evans County (Claxton High School)
  • Tanita McDowell, Evans County (Claxton Middle School)
  • Andrew Strickland, Evans County (Claxton Middle School)
  • Moses Green, Evans County (Claxton Middle School)
  • Lee Ann Lane, Evans County (Claxton High School)
  • Randy Cooper, Evans County (Claxton High School)
  • Jenny Lanier, Evans County (Evans County Schools)
  • Thomasina Butler, Liberty County (Liberty County School District)
  • Vivian Gilliard, Liberty County (Midway Middle School)
  • Tiffany Redmon, Liberty County (Midway Middle School)
  • Angel James, Liberty County (Midway Middle School)
  • Holly Zarka, Liberty County (Liberty County High School)
  • Warnella Wilder, Liberty County (Liberty County High School)
  • Gregory Schmidt, Liberty County (Liberty County High School)
  • Amanda Sikes, Long County (Long County Board of Education)
  • Brianna Hill, Tattnall County (Tattnall County High School)
  • Katherine Swain, Tattnall County (Tattnall County High School)
  • Donny Sikes, Tattnall County (North Tattnall Middle School)
  • Candice Altman, Tattnall County (South Tattnall Middle School)
  • Inga Cashon, Tattnall County (North Tattnall Middle School)
  • Michelle Miller, Tattnall County (South Tattnall Middle School)
  • Christine Jenkins, Tattnall County (Tattnall County High School)

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