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Georgia Power is committed to protecting and preserving the environment.

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Georgia Power is committed to an aggressive recycling program. The company's reduce, reuse and recycle programs demonstrate that environmental leadership is fundamental to our vision and commitment to stewardship. In 2014 alone, the company recycled 2.9 million pounds of cardboard, guide wire, paper, plastic, electronic waste and wood from our facilities statewide. This recycling resulted in landfill savings of $73,592 and $30,565 in revenue to the company. In addition, 34.1 million pounds of scrap metal were sold for $7.7 million. Our company also diverts from landfills more than 55 percent (600,000 pounds) of the waste generated at our corporate headquarters in Atlanta. This waste includes paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and metal.

Georgia Power's fleet department recycles paper, cardboard, used oil and used tires. In 2014, our company's fleet department recycled 18,863 gallons of used motor oil and 4,038 used tires.

If items Georgia Power owns cannot be redeployed or used again by the company, they are sold so as not to be wasteful. In 2014, the company received $7.1 million for items that were sold – from retired company vehicles to old office furniture.

Even in our corporate headquarters, Georgia Power continues to reuse our cafeteria waste – from forks to food trays to grease. The cafeteria vendor, Carlyle's Corporate Catering, separates compostable and recyclable materials from non-reusable solid waste. By doing so, we're diverting up to 8,000 pounds per month from going into landfills. At Georgia Power's corporate headquarters cafeteria, compostable waste includes more than food. Most takeout containers, plates, cups and even eating utensils are biodegradable. Carlyle's employees are trained to separate compostable materials, recyclables and non-reusable waste.

Once separated, the containers are moved to the loading dock. Depending on the container, it's then either hauled off by a recyclable-material hauler, or a compostable waste hauler who transports unsegregated waste to the landfill. The compostable waste is picked up three times a week and sent to a composting facility, where it is transformed into organic compost that is sold in bulk to farmers and manufacturers of bagged garden products. To maintain these efforts, virtually all cafeteria products can be either recycled or composted. The two types of products used for the cafeteria's to-go containers are either made of wheat straw or from recyclable plastic. In addition, the cafeteria provides paper cups and bowls for soups and drinks.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Georgia Power has planted more than 3 million trees across the state during the past five years! Learn about our environmental stewardship efforts.