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Charitable Giving

A commitment to citizenship is the heart of Georgia Power's core values. Our Charitable Giving management coordinates the company's efforts to give back to the communities we serve. Strong preference is given to Georgia-based organizations and programs that seek to improve the quality of life for the state's residents.


  • We do not provide grants to individuals, private elementary or secondary schools, and religious organizations, nor do we fund political campaigns or causes.
  • We do not support organizations whose policies or actions discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or disability.
  • Grant requests up to and including $25,000 are evaluated on an ongoing basis.
  • Grant requests greater than $25,000 must be reviewed and approved by the foundation board, which meets in May, August, and December. All grant applicants are notified by the end of the month after each respective board meeting.
  • Tax-exempt organizations may receive contributions once per 12-month period and reapply on an annual basis.
  • We work with region and plant leadership teams to evaluate grant proposals within their local areas. Grant applications from region and plant locations should be submitted through the appropriate region management.

Did You Know?

The Club of Hearts donated more than $820K in 2016.

Our History

Georgia Power has been brightening the lives of Georgia residents for more than 100 years. See how we have proudly served our community through the years.

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