“Volunteering with the Performing Arts Center in college was a way for me to nurture my love of the arts on a budget. Now as a parent, volunteering is a way to teach my son that giving back is how we help make our home a better place.”

Kesha Ward — Corporate Compliance Comptroller, Georgia Power, Statesboro, Ga.

When Kesha Ward studied at Georgia Southern University, she loved the arts and got involved as a volunteer at the Performing Arts Center. Now, as the mother of a 10-year-old son who learns best through music, she is using the same resource she volunteered at during college to help him make the creative connections needed to open his mind to learning.

Kesha, a corporate compliance comptroller in Statesboro, said she used to usher and help with the campus’ performing arts program by handing out flyers, assisting with subscription drives, and setting up hospitality for artists and crews. When her son began to struggle with learning the early explorers in social studies, she knew to reach out to the PAC to see what was offered.

“Since we go to funny musicals, such as Click, Clack, Moo, it wasn’t hard to get him to go see The Story of Pocahontas,” said Kesha. “The performance was so closely related to things he was studying in history that it really sparked his interest in early explorers.”

Kesha recognizes that choosing to volunteer at the PAC played a part in making the center what it is today – an engaging learning resource for children like her son and a place where kids can become immersed in the performing arts. Now, the entire Statesboro community can take advantage of the creative programs it offers, including its school matinee series.

“My son knows that I have always had a heart for volunteering. He sometimes goes with me when we do our service projects, and I think he sees me as a role model because of it,” said Kesha. “He knows it’s important to help make our community better. One day he’ll understand it helped him too.”