“Art is a powerful tool. I’ve seen performances that make me laugh, lighten my spirits and remind me of the beauty that exists in our community and the world. I think the arts help bridge the gap between our community and the rest of the world.”

Stacie McDaniel — Director of Georgia Southern University’s Performing Arts Center, Statesboro, Ga.

Georgia Southern University’s Performing Arts Center’s (PAC) mission is to present diverse, quality cultural experiences for the college, its students and communities in eastern Georgia. Located in Statesboro, the university’s PAC enhances existing school curriculum with professional touring performances of music, literature-based plays and historical plays.

The center offers two main programs in its 825-seat theater – the Performing Arts Center Main Stage Series and the School Matinee Series. Both of these programs bring in touring artists to perform, according to Stacie McDaniel, Director of Georgia Southern University’s Performing Arts Center, who has been the center’s director since 2015.

“Our community has always been very supportive of the Performing Arts Center, and Georgia Power has been an important contributor to our season for years,” said Stacie. “This support allows us to bring the best performances to Statesboro, Georgia and makes it possible to keep going season to season.”

The center generally presents between six to ten performances for its Main Stage Series while the five performances in the School Matinee Series are aimed at regional students and schools.

“I feel very proud when I stand at the back of the theatre during a performance and feel the positive energy of the crowd. I have left the theatre feeling called to action – to do good in the community – and I hope those in the crowd have, too,” she added. “Sometimes all it takes is the right artist singing the right song at the right time to make an audience feel connected to each other. That’s what I hope the Performing Arts Center does for this community.”