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Cool Jobs in Energy!

Start building your career options and be a part of building Georgia's future energy workforce!

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Discover the pathways through school that will get you started on the path to a cool career in energy.

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Reinforce what you've learned in high school with certifications, college classes, and more.

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Cool Careers

Find hot jobs in energy, and learn more about what a cool career looks like.

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I am energy...a catalyst to power: brain power, skill power, human power. I am the epitome of a superhero.

If this statement sounds familiar to you, then you're reading the right information. You're probably a very talented and skilled individual who likes to use your brain as well as your hands to solve problems. You're definitely one who strives to make your community a better place to live for those around you. Perhaps you're at a point in your life where decisions you make are important. You're not just looking for a job...you're looking for a career path. And not one that is easy or boring, but one that challenges your superpower every day. That's your nature, and frankly, that's COOL or HOT. Either way you look at it...that's YOUR energy!

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