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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on getting started on a pathway to your energy career? Just Ask...

How do I learn more about applying for the jobs available with your company?

You may learn more by visiting Southern Company Careers to apply for a job, begin by reviewing our current postings. Find the job you are interested in, click "Apply Online" and complete the online application. When you reach the "Thank You" page, you have successfully completed the job submission process for the position you selected. Get instructions.

Employment testing (hourly positions only)

If you apply for an hourly position you may be required to complete and pass a skills test to be considered for an interview. Skills tests are validated tools used to assess a candidate's ability to perform job related skills. Here is what to expect:

Recruiters send invitations by email to candidates selected to test.

Using the information on the email invitation, register for and take the test.

If you successfully pass all required skills tests, a recruiter will evaluate your submission for further advancement.

Click "learn more" on the right side of this page for more information about testing including study guides or practice tests. Salaried positions do not require skills testing.

Employment Testing 

I want to be a line worker, how can I learn where to more to prepare?

You can learn more by visiting any of our Colleges offering electrical lineworker apprentice certifications:

South Georgia Technical College: www.southgatech.edu

North Georgia Technical College: www.northgatech.edu

Georgia Piedmont Technical College: www.gptc.edu

Coastal Pines Technical College: www.ed2go.com/otcecdev

I am in a college program currently for engineering. How can I learn about co-op opportunities?

Please make a visit onsite to your local campus recruiting office, or visit us at Career Info

I would like to learn more about Energy Career Pathways.

Please visit our Cool Pathways page for more information on Energy Career Pathways

I am leaving the military and interested in a career with your company. How can I learn more?

We salute our veterans! Please visit our Military page to learn about career opportunities.