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Electric Safety

Electricity is a tremendous force that we generate and control in wires and equipment. As long as electricity is isolated, we can use it safely. But when the full force of electricity is unleashed, accidents can occur. Knowing a few simple principles can save you from injury or possibly death and can keep you safe wherever electricity is present.

Trees & Power Line Safety

Power lines bring electricity from generating plants to our communities and into our homes. Though they are a vital necessity in our lives, they can also pose danger if not handled properly.
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Electric Safety Around
the House

Making sure you know the importance of electrical safety in and around your home will help to keep preventable accidents from happening. These tips will help keep you and your family safe and protected.
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Power Tools & Cords

Some simple safety measures can be taken before working with or near power tools and cords. Making yourself aware of these important tips helps to minimize any possibility of an injury.
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Machinery & Power Lines

Learn how you could be at risk and how you can protect yourself from accidents with machinery and power lines. Awareness, planning and preparation can help keep you safe.
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Circuits, Wiring & GFCIs

Find out about the importance of circuits, wiring and GFCIs in your home, and how protecting them will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your home's safety.
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Electrical Fire Prevention

You can take basic steps to prevent electrical fires. Be sure to know the signs and create a plan of action in the event one does occur in your home.
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Learning Power

Learning Power is a fun, online energy education resource for kids, teachers and parents. It offers safety tips, lesson plans, teaching resources and interactive games all related to the exciting world of energy and electricity.
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Home Appliance Amp Reference Chart

Did you know that an amp is the standard unit of electrical current that flows through a circuit? In most homes, lighting and small appliance circuits are 15 or 20 amps, and major appliances are on 20, 50 or even 60 amp circuits. This chart will give you an idea of how much energy common appliances produce on household circuits.
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Call Before You Dig or Work

Before beginning any excavation in the vicinity of underground electrical lines or working in the vicinity of an overhead high-voltage electrical line, call 811 to request an underground locator service or overhead safeguards. For more information, visit Call811.com.

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Did You Know?

Safely delivering electricity requires that Georgia Power maintain trees and tree removal near power lines.
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