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Club of Hearts provides
'New Hope' to the poor

A Citizen Wherever We Serve

Angele Hawkins

Angele Hawkins

The room is full of well-dressed men and women. For the unknowing observer, it looks like a high-level meeting of boardroom executives. That is, until one learns that 75 percent of those in the room are homeless.

The participants are all a part of Georgia Power's Club of Hearts' newest charity – New Hope Enterprises. Scott Orr, federal legislative affairs coordinator, serves on the board.

"New Hope began in 2009 as a way to help at-risk individuals break out of the destructive cycle of poverty through an intensive training program that leads to real employment opportunities," said Orr. "As an individual, I have always had a passion for workforce development and helping others, and when I saw the business model that New Hope put forward, I wanted business model that New Hope put forward, I wanted to be a part of this innovative approach."

For more information on New Hope Enterprises, visit their website or on Facebook.

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