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Volunteers fight

A Citizen Wherever We Serve

Fighting Hunger

Community gardeners and their bounty.

Twice a week they come, hungry families with little to eat but what the community provides.

Volunteers for the Rockdale County's Emergency Relief food bank help distribute food, donated by local citizens, to the needy. Canned items make up a large portion of the goods.

"Canned goods are a blessing to many of these families, but we wanted them to have the nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables," said Lee Cronan, retired Metro East principal engineer and president of the Conyers chapter of the Citizens of Georgia Power. "There is such a need to feed hungry families. At the beginning of summer, I saw a young girl sit down after receiving a can of food and eat right from the can."

To offset some of the need, Master Gardening Extension Volunteer (MGEV) and Citizens of Georgia Power member Larry Ward wanted to do more. Ward, along with additional MGEVs, took the food bank's efforts a step further and started the local Plant A Row for the Hungry, as part of a national effort to provide fresh, locally grown vegetables to the hungry.

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