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A 16-Year Reunion

A Citizen Wherever We Serve

Will Pease

Young Will Pease with hard hat

Lineman gives hard hat to child, reunites 16 years later

When Will Pease was a boy growing up in Columbus, Ga., his babysitter used to pack a picnic lunch and blanket and drive to wherever Georgia Power crews were doing line work, so the young boy could watch.

One day, when Pease was about five, a Georgia Power lineman named Littlejohn Bruer spotted the boy and gave him a sip of water from the big jug on his truck and another gift that the boy grew to treasure — his hard hat.

Will Pease, left, and Littlejohn Bruer

According to Pease’s father, Pete, the boy “wore the hat until the plastic adjustment strap broke,” and it now rests safely in the attic with other childhood mementos.

Today, Pease is wearing his own Georgia Power-issued hard hat as part of his one-week apprenticeship through South Georgia Technical School in Americus. Pease, now 21, has been enrolled in the seven-week electrical lineworker course learning to do the things that he spent much of his childhood watching others do.

As fate would have it, as Pease was learning to climb poles, the same lineman who donated his hard hat was a mere half mile down the road, working as an engineering representative at the Americus office.

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