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BBQ for The Kids

A Citizen Wherever We Serve

Jay Weems at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Jay Weems, left, gets a glimpse of how donations are applied at Children's
Healthcare of Atlanta.

Weems Barbecues for Children's Healthcare

Jay Weems has showcased his cooking talents at various barbecue cook-offs throughout the country. For the past three years, Weems has put his leadership and organizational talents to work for charity as he has hosted a barbecue competition at Georgia Power’s Old Salem Park near Lake Oconee.

Jay Weems, right, and Mark Gordy present
a check to Kate Myers of Children's
Healthcare of Atlanta.
Photos: Georgia Power / Walter Kirk.

The event, which is part of the Lake Oconee Bar-B-Q and Blues Festival, brings more than 50 barbecue cookoff teams to the area for fun, prizes and, most importantly, a good cause. All proceeds raised from the event go to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

"I just wanted to give back to the community, and giving to a children’s medical center seemed the perfect way to give back," said Weems.

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