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West Georgia Fishing

  • Lake Harding
  • Goat Rock Lake
  • Lake Oliver
  • North Highlands
  • Lake Worth

Beautiful trails encompass the lakes and rivers in West Georgia, making it one of the most picturesque locations for fishing. West Georgia lakes managed by Georgia Power include Lake Harding, Lake Worth, Lake Oliver, Goat Rock Lake and North Highlands.

Family Camping

Fishing is regulated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and requires a fishing license or permit. Licenses can be purchased locally at sporting goods stores, convenience stores and marinas, or by visiting the Department of Natural Resources website.

Goat Rock Fish Attractors (PDF)
Lake Oliver Fish Attractors (PDF)

Below are some of the most common fish species found in lakes Harding, Worth, Oliver, Goat Rock and North Highlands:

Fishing Guide

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