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Safety And Security

How Georgia Power Works to Protect You

You can count on us to take the utmost precautions to secure your personal information and make you feel safe. In fact, your safety and security are our highest priority.

Protecting Your Information

Georgia Power protects and secures your personal and financial information using industry standard safeguards like firewalls and secure socket layers (SSL) to encrypt and protect sensitive transmissions. Although no security system is fail safe, we strive to protect your information from loss, misuse alteration or destruction.

If you have reason for concern or suspect a problem, please call Georgia Power to verify I.D. at 1-888-660-5890.

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If you suspect that someone is currently at your home or place of business impersonating a Georgia Power employee:

  • Call your local police immediately.
  • Call Georgia Power at 1-888-660-5890.
  • DO NOT let the individual inside your home or business.
  • DO NOT go outside with the individual.
  • DO NOT provide them with your account number or any personal or financial information.

If you suspect that someone has already visited you to obtain personal or financial information, please contact us immediately at 1-888-660-5890. Representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact Info

Call us at 1-888-660-5890

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Email us

3 things you should know when doing business with Georgia Power:

1. Georgia Power will never send an employee to your home or business to collect payment.

2. Our employees will never call or visit you and request your personal or financial information.

3. If an employee has a service-related reason to visit, they will ALWAYS:

  • Wear a Georgia Power uniform.
  • Arrive in a Georgia Power vehicle with our logo.
  • Present a photo I.D. with the Georgia Power logo.

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