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After a Storm

Find out what you can do

Nature is powerful and unpredictable. A strong storm can cause widespread power outages.

The most important thing for you and your family is to stay safe after a severe storm.

 Stay focused on safety after severe weather!

Your safety is the first priority of Georgia Power. Report emergencies immediately, including downed power lines or low hanging wires. Review after-storm safety reminders.

If an outage occurs, you can count on us to respond quickly to restore your power. Outages can be caused by a number of factors including trees, animals, snow or ice. Learn how power flows to your home or business and the varying causes of outages. Understand outages.

 Georgia Power works around the clock.

Georgia Power's system has a variety of monitoring systems to detect outages when they occur. Our restoration teams always work hard to make your outage as brief as possible.

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Set Outage Alerts to be notified if you have an outage and receive an estimated restoration time.

 Emergency Resources:

Local, state and federal resources are available to help you plan for disasters, as well as to help fund purchases of backup generators, storm shutters and other facility-hardening measures.