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Hurricane Matthew

When it comes to natural disasters, Georgia Power is always prepared to weather the storm. Hurricane Matthew, a category three hurricane, traveled up the Southeastern coastline causing massive destruction. This historic storm kicked our restoration efforts into high gear. We sincerely thank each and every individual within our company who devoted their time, energy and efforts during this challenging period. We live by our motto: "We are citizens wherever we serve."

  • Georgia Power has restored power to more than 340,000 customers impacted by Hurricane Matthew.
  • Georgia Power estimates that damage from Hurricane Matthew could include:
    • Approximately 1,000 power poles broken or damaged.
    • Nearly 120 miles of wire (3,000 spans) needing to be replaced.
    • More than 3,500 fallen trees causing damage to electrical equipment.

Photo Gallery

During Hurricane Matthew that recently traveled up the Southeastern coast, Georgia Power went into gear restoring power for more than 340,000 customers. View some of the powerful restoration images from this historic event.

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