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Mowing & Tree
Removal Video

Managing Existing Landscapes on Transmission Rights-of-Way

Any permission for plantings (including, but not limited to, maximum heights, clearances, and buffer zones) in this video are subject to change without notice and from time to time by Georgia Power Company. Current and future rules, regulations and orders of Federal and State authorities may restrict or prohibit plantings, or may require changes to plantings, without notice and from time to time. Georgia Power reserves the right to require trimming or removal, at Georgia Power Company's sole discretion, of any plantings previously permitted, whether under this video or otherwise. No rights to maintain any planting will result from reliance on this video.

©2012 Georgia Power Company. All rights reserved. Georgia Power is a proprietary mark of Georgia Power Company. Southern Company is a proprietary mark of The Southern Company.

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If you have any questions concerning right-of-way on your property, we are here to help.
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Call Before You Dig or Work

Before beginning any excavation in the vicinity of underground electrical lines or working in the vicinity of an overhead high-voltage electrical line, call 811 to request an underground locator service or overhead safeguards. For more information, visit Call811.com.

Safety Tip

Trees near power lines can be dangerous. If a snapped or trimmed limb falls onto a power line, do not touch the limb with your hands, a pole or other object. Call Georgia Power or 911 immediately. See more safety tips

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