Lakes Lot Billing FAQs

As part of Georgia Power’s ongoing modernization initiatives for the state’s lakes and rivers, the bill due date for all of our lake customers will change in mid-December. This means that starting in January, our customers’ bills will be due within 14 days of billing. Get all your answers to any additional questions you may have below. 

Why is Georgia Power changing the due date to 14 days?

Georgia Power is changing the bill due date since our billing system was originally designed with electric bills in mind. Therefore, many customers who were utilizing self-service options through the online customer portal were getting incorrect information regarding their bill due date. This change will more accurately align the bill due dates of Georgia Power Lake Resources customers with Georgia Power monthly electric bills.

Will this change be for my lease rental and pass-through tax assessment?

Yes, the bill change will apply to any bills you currently receive from Georgia Power Lake Resources, including lease rentals and tax assessments.

What if I can’t pay my bill in the two-week period?

We understand that some customers budget for a longer window to pay their bills, which is why we are letting you know prior to the change taking effect. Initially, there will be no penalties charged for late payments if you are unable to pay your bill within the two-week period.

Will there be a late fee? If so, how much will the fee be?

At present time, there will be no late fees charged for GPC Lake Bills.

Will the change affect my billing amount?

No, the dollar amount you are billed will not be impacted by this change.

Will this new procedure affect how I pay my bill (online, etc.)?

This change will not impact how you pay your bill. You will still have convenient access to your Georgia Power account and a variety of payment options through our online customer care center. To access your up-to-date billing information, log into your account here.

Will my lease term change?

No, your lease term will not change.