Benefits of Building Energy Efficient Homes

To meet growing consumer demand for energy efficiency, an increasing number of residential contractors are building all-electric homes. These homes feature an impressive list of high-performance features, which benefit both the builder and the homebuyer. 

Benefits for the Homebuyer

Low annual energy costs. Georgia Power's rates remain well below the national average. 

Peace of mind. No worries about pilot lights or combustion.

Year-round comfort and efficiency. Improved air quality with no dangerous fumes or pollutants. 

A cool kitchen. Electric stoves create less radiant heat but more comfort and savings on air-conditioning costs. 

Easy maintenance and a long-life expectancy. This means lower operating costs and a reduced chance of roof leaks, since flues are not needed for any equipment or appliances. 

Helpful billing options. Enjoy the convenience of one bill for power from one reliable source, plus Budget Billing and electronic bill payment options. 

Benefits for the Builder

Flexible Installation. All-electric gives you flexibility in locating major appliances, heating and air systems and water heaters without worrying about vent-pipe placement. 

Less time and effort. You can bypass the time-consuming steps of installing gas piping and flues, hooking up gas and checking for proper installation and venting.

Simple Inspection. Without piping and flues to inspect, building inspectors can pass your homes for sale in less time. 

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