Thank a Lineman


Shed Some Light

This April for National Lineman Appreciation Month, Georgia Power is leading a campaign to thank the men and women who work across the state to keep the lights on in Georgia 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The Thank a Lineman campaign page on will feature a digital thank you card where our customers can write a personal message.


Print ads in regional newspapers will encourage Georgians to Thank a Lineman by signing our online card.


Together, let's celebrate our lineworkers.



There's a lot to appreciate about our lineworkers. They show us the true definition of service and sacrifice. The first on the scene and the last to head home.


Thank a Lineman

In April, we're thanking our lineworkers for all they do.



Show your appreciation:

Digital & OOH

These boards and display ads will feature our brave line workers.

Geofencing” will be used to target specific locations near Georgia Power operating headquarters so our linemen will be served these messages.

Video Content

A series of safety demonstration videos featuring line workers will illustrate the risks that come along with the responsibility and technical nature of their jobs.

Sample Facebook Post

Giant Thank You Card

Specially designed banners will go on the road to give Georgians an opportunity to leave handwritten messages for our line workers. At month’s end, the completed card will be displayed at GPC Headquarters. Planned cities: Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Macon, Columbus, Albany, Valdosta, Rome & Savannah.

Building Projection

For National Lineman Appreciation Day on April 18, we’ll project a custom design on our building.

Sport Sponsorships

In addition to in-stadium messaging across our sports sponsorships, we’ve arranged:

Athlete Ride Along

We’ll take Falcons defensive lineman, Wes Schweitzer on a ride along and tour of the Klondike facility. We’ll capture content to help spread awareness on social media.


Braves First Pitch

GPC lineman JR Albritton will throw the first pitch at SunTrust Park on April 3


Flag Football Tournament

60 GPC linemen will participate in a flag football tournament at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, along with an autograph session & facility tour

Internal Messaging

We’ll collect the thank you messages left on our campaign website and share them at GPC facilities across the state.


Citizen online banner and stories throughout April. Targetvision content driving employees to sign digital thank you card and engage on social media.