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Power Credit

Power Credit Application

Being energy conscious pays. We'll start with a $20 credit.

Power Credit. The switch that saves power.

Personal Information

  • Yes, I wish to enroll in the Power Credit program. I will have equipment installed to the exterior of my house, which will control my A/C during certain peak demand periods in summer months.

Account Name:

Please enter your name exactly as it appears on your Georgia Power bill.



In order to enroll you in the Power Credit program, we must verify the following information for our installers.

1. What county do you live in?

2. I am the owner of a single-family home, manufactured home, condominium or townhouse.

3. Do you have centrally cooled air conditioning (air conditioning or heat pump)?.

4. Is the air conditioner (or heat pump) located within a fenced area?

If yes, is the area accessible (i.e., unlocked, no dog)?

5. How were you made aware of this program?

6. Comments or other information that would be helpful for our installers.

You need not be present for the installation of your equipment. The installer will leave you a door hanger after installation is complete.

To show appreciation for your participation, you will receive a $20 credit on your Georgia Power bill after the equipment has been installed.

my power usage

Monitor Your Daily Power Usage

View your daily energy usage, set usage alerts and see your projected bill before it arrives with My Power Usage.

Energy Saving Tips

Avoid Hand-Washing Your Dishes

Washing and rinsing dishes by hand three times a day uses more hot water and energy than one load a day in an automatic dishwasher.

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