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Power Credit

Power Credit

Being energy conscious pays. We'll start with a $20 credit.

Power Credit is a program designed to shift the time when power is used by your home's air conditioner. It works like this: we install a switch on the outside of your home that is connected to your air conditioner. When the demand for electricity peaks, we can send a signal to the switch to reduce the length of time your air conditioner runs. The change to your home's temperature is minimal. Homeowners can participate and get a $20 credit. You'll get an additional $2 credit every time we call for the service.

Power Credit FAQ

Why does Georgia Power have this program?
By shifting air conditioner use during critical peak demand periods, customers can help delay the building of expensive new power plants. This helps keep Georgia Power's prices low for everyone.
Can I really make a difference by participating?
Yes, you can! By participating in Power Credit, you and thousands of others will help Georgia Power meet the demand for electricity.
How does it work?
Air conditioners cycle, meaning that they run for a certain amount of time and then shut down. This on-off is what maintains the temperature at a certain level. Our switch, when active, will shorten the on time. For example, if your air conditioner normally cycles 15 minutes in the "on" part of the cycle, the switch will allow it to operate for 5 minutes. This takes some demand off the system during the peak hours. Because of the shortened "on" cycle, the inside temperature of your home may rise slightly during this time.
Does the program decrease my electric bill?
It is unlikely to see any bill savings from this program.
Does the equipment damage my A/C?
The equipment does not damage the air conditioner or heat pump.
How long do I have to participate in this program?
We require customers to participate for at least 12 months.
When will the switch be activated?
The switch will only be activated May through September during the weekday between 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. for 2 to 4 hours at a time. The switch will not be activated on any summer weekday that is a holiday.
How will I know when the switch is activated?
The switch box has a display window that will light when the switch is activated.
When will I get the credit?
The initial $20 credit will be placed on your bill after the equipment is installed. An annual credit for any activations will show up one time after the summer and will likely appear on your November bill.
Who do I call when I have questions or problems?
Call the Power Credit service support center at 1-800-843-4916.
Is there anything I should do if I need get service on my air conditioner or heat pump?
You should make the HVAC technician aware that you are on the program so that he or she does not inadvertently disconnect the switch.
How long will it take for the equipment to be installed? Will I need to be at home during the installation?
It should take less than one hour to install the equipment. It is not necessary for you to be home unless there is a locked fence or animal in your yard.
What should I do if I have to replace my air conditioner or heat pump?
Make sure the HVAC technician knows about the switch and ask them to connect it to the low voltage wire between the thermostat and the air conditioner compressor. If there are any questions call 1-800-843-4916.
What if I have more than one central air conditioning unit?
All units at your home will be equipped with a switch but credits are paid on a per-home basis.
Are condominiums and townhomes eligible?
Typical condominiums and townhomes are able to participate; call 1-800-843-4916 with any questions.
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