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Charging An Electric Vehicle

The majority of your electric vehicle charging will likely occur at home, but we want to ensure that you know where and how to charge your vehicle when you’re on the go.

EV Charging Made Easy

If you drive an electric vehicle, you already know that fueling your car with electricity is much cheaper than gasoline or diesel. But for even greater savings, try Georgia Power’s Plug-In Electric Vehicle rate. 

Plug-In Electricity Vehicle Rate
charging ev

Types of Chargers

Level 1

Level 1

110 V Charging

Level 1 chargers are best suitable for home. They give you about 5 miles of range per hour of charging.

Level 2

Level 2

208/240V; 30 amps; 7.2kW

One hour of Level 2 charging gives you about 25 miles of range.

Fast Charging

Fast Charging

480V; 50kW

Georgia Power community chargers are fast chargers, which can charge an EV battery upward of 180 miles in less than an hour.

Ultra Fast Charging

Ultra Fast Charging

480V; 125 kW, 160kW & 320kW

Ultra fast chargers can provide 250 miles of range in just minutes.

Considering a Level 2 Charger?

Check out the resources below prior to purchasing your charger. From an easy to follow check list, to permitting information, we have you covered.

EV Charger Installer Locations

Ready to install an EV charging station for your home or business? Find a vetted, credentialed, and insured EV Charger Installer near you.

Find an Installer

Rebates for Electric Vehicle Owners

Georgia Power offers a variety of rebates to help offset the cost of EV ownership for our customers who drive electric vehicles.

Start Saving Now

Georgia Power Network Card

EV drivers who sign up for the Georgia Power Network Card receive special rebate offers and discounts plus access to 25,000 nationwide Level 2 and DC charging locations.

Learn More

Charging Around Town

Charging stations are popping up all over communities and workplaces, giving you the ability to charge even when you’re not home.

Charging Locations


Convenience of Charging

As the EV market grows, charging stations are becoming more common in neighborhoods near you. Explore the Georgia Power community charging map and download the charging island brochure to see how we are dedicated to providing EV drivers with the best possible charging experience.