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Residential EV Charger Installers

Below you will find a list of residential electric vehicle installers. Each EV charger installer is an independent company that sets its own pricing. Please understand the work to be performed and inquire about equipment pricing before scheduling an installation. Customers do not have to select one of the participating EV charger installers listed above to be eligible for the Residential Electric Vehicle Charger rebate

Bray Electrical Services

EnviroSpark Energy Solutions, Inc.

Lightning Bug Electric

Pat Murphy Electric

RS Andrews


TE Certified Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

W&K Professional Electrical Services

  • 670-880-4841
Get a rebate for installing an electric vehicle charger, father and son charging electric vehicle
EV Charger Install Rebate
$250 for a Level 2 charger

Georgia Power customers may be eligible to receive up to a $250 rebate for installing a Level 2 Charger in their home. Submit a rebate request form with a copy of paid installation and charger invoice(s) within 60 days after the EV charger has been installed. To learn more about the rebate program, click here. Customers are eligible for one rebate with the purchase of an electric vehicle home charger.  If you purchased an electric vehicle home charger from Georgia Power Marketplace and received an instant $250 rebate, you are not eligible for an additional $250 rebate.  For detailed terms and conditions, click here.

Access Rebate Portal

Expires December 31, 2022
Other EV charger installers may be available in your area. Full program and rebate terms and conditions are available above.

Commercial EV Installation

For information on installing charging infrastructure at your business, please contact our support team. For more information on commercial EV charging infrastructure, please click here.