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Base Rate
Also referred to as base bill, it's the portion of a utility's prices covering investment in power plants, substations, wires, poles, equipment and daily operating costs.
Base Revenue
The portion of a utility's prices prior to any fuel charges, taxes or any other adjustments.
Basic Service Charge
Covers Georgia Power's monthly administrative fees to meter and bill for electric service.
Billing Cycle
The dates between the last time your meter was read to determine energy consumption and the current bill reading.
Billing Demand
The highest 30-minute kW (or peak) measured during the current month and the preceding 11 months. It is used for billing a customer as determined by a tariff or contract. It may or may not equal the actual peak demand measured during the billing cycle.

For power and light rate schedules, billing demand is determined by considering actual peak demands for the current month and previous 11 months. The billing demand calculation is based on the greatest of:
    Summer months (June - September)
  • 100 percent of current month
  • 95 percent of highest previous summer month
  • 60 percent of highest previous winter month
    Winter months (October - May)
  • 95 percent of highest previous summer month
  • 60 percent of highest current or previous winter month
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Outage Alerts

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