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Smart Meter

Smart Meter Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Smart Meter send information?

To send information, Smart Meters transmit relatively low power radio signals similar to those used by cell phones, baby monitors and garage door openers.

How often do Smart Meters transmit data?

Smart Meters send readings on average for about one second each day.

Will installing a Smart Meter raise the amount of my energy bill?

No. There is no additional service charge for having a Smart Meter. Your Smart Meter records your whole house energy usage just the same as your old mechanical meter.

Will the Smart Meter decrease my energy bill?

A Smart Meter will not decrease the amount of your energy bill. However, in the future, the system will allow Georgia Power to offer you detailed energy usage information and rate options so you can better manage your home's energy usage.

Will the Smart Meter force me to change how I use energy?

No. The Smart Meter will not force you to change anything. However, it will provide you with the opportunity to view your usage online. Viewing your usage can allow you to make choices, such as new rate options, that will best fit your lifestyle and your wallet.

Can a Smart Meter track how I am using electricity?

No. A Smart Meter only gathers whole-house readings, just like a mechanical meter. It does not have the ability to monitor or control individual appliances.

Can a Smart Meter control my appliances?

No. The Smart Meter only takes whole house readings of your energy usage, just like a mechanical meter.

Is the transmission of my personal information secure?

No. The Smart Meter only takes whole house readings of your energy usage, just like a mechanical meter.

Is the transmission of my personal information secure?

Yes. Customer usage data is sent over a private, dedicated network. The meter information is identified by radio number only, not the customer's name or address. Usage data is stored on secure company servers.

Are Smart Meters safe?

Yes. Any claim that the meters are radioactive is entirely false. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted maximum permissible exposure (MPE) limits for radio transmitters of all types, including Smart Meters. Georgia Power Smart Meters operate at only a fraction of the safe power limits identified by the FCC guidelines for safe exposure.

*Source Exponent Report to NV Energy

I have heard the government ordered Georgia Power to install Smart Meters. Is this true?

No. Georgia Power has received no funding from Washington or any other outside entity to install these meters. The decision to upgrade and install the new meters was requested by Georgia Power to improve meter reading efficiency and was approved by the Georgia Public Service commission in 2006.

I have heard the meters are a fire hazard. Is this true?

No. We have investigated all Smart Meter fire claims in Georgia and none have been the fault of the meter.

Can I opt out of the Smart Meter Program?

Yes. Customers who opt out of having a smart meter installed and prefer to maintain a mechanical meter at their residence can now do so with a basic service charge of $19 per month. Customers can request removal of their smart meters by calling 1-800-642-5172 or emailing G2SMARTMTR@southernco.com.

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