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Understanding Deposits


If you have not yet established credit with Georgia Power, you may be asked to pay a security deposit before service can be established. Your credit score will be obtained through a credit-reporting agency to determine whether a deposit is necessary for your account. Also, if you fail to pay your electric service bill each month by the due date, you may be required to pay a deposit or additional deposit even if the service is not disconnected. If you are required to pay a deposit, and if you pay your residential statements on time for 12 consecutive months, your deposit will be refunded, plus interest. The refund will be applied as a credit on your statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the deposit?
The deposit amount is based on the credit score and any unpaid past-due balances. If required, the deposit for a residential account can be up to two times the residence's average monthly bill (based on usage history at the location).
Does the deposit count toward my monthly bill?
Unfortunately, your deposit is not counted toward your monthly bill, but you can earn 3 percent simple interest while your deposit is retained on the account.
Can the deposit be waived?
If a deposit is required, it cannot be waived.
Where can I pay my deposit?
Payments can be made at any of Georgia Power's local offices, Authorized Payment Locations, online at georgiapower.com, or by phone. Fees and some other restrictions may apply.
What forms of payment are accepted for deposits?
Deposit payments can be made with cash at any Authorized Payment Location such as Kroger, Walmart, Publix and Kmart. A low transaction fee of $1.50 will be required. Visits can be made with cash at any Authorized Payment Locations to learn more. You can also make payments online at georgiapower.com, or by phone through BillMatrix, a company separate from Georgia Power. BillMatrix requires a transaction fee of $2.25 per transaction. Visit Payment Options for more information.
How long is a deposit kept?
Customers who pay their bills in full by the due date for 12 consecutive months will have the deposit credited to their account in the 13-month. Interest of 3% will start accumulating after six months and will also be credited to the account in the 13-month.
How soon will my service start after I pay the deposit?
Georgia Power can connect your electric service Monday through Friday (connection service is not available on weekends). Orders submitted up to midnight are eligible for next-day service. Please note that we will not be able to provide next-day service for new service requests that require installation or other construction work (digging, etc.).
Will I get my deposit back if I move?
Your deposit plus any interest will go toward your final bill. A refund check for the difference will be mailed within 30-45 days to the final mailing address of the individual whose name was provided at the time the account was opened. However, if you are simply moving from one address within the Georgia Power territory to another and transferring service, your deposit will transfer to your new location/account.
You can begin the process to get your electric service started on our Moving page.
Georgia Power's customer-service representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please visit our Contact Customer Service page for more information.
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