Roswell Reliability Improvements

Project Overview

As part of Georgia Power's commitment to providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity, the company is making new investments in infrastructure serving sections of Roswell and Fulton County. The project consists of a variety of improvements on an electrical transmission and distribution circuit that serve more than 2,675 customers in the Roswell community.

Safety and reliability improvements include:

  • Installation of new Georgia Power equipment such as overhead, automated protective devices, targeted underground conversions, and the utilization of new “self-healing” technologies to improve customers’ overall experience with Georgia Power.
  • Expanded vegetation management and tree-trimming will take place in certain areas where they could have a positive impact and reduce the frequency and duration of power outages.

Additional Background

Georgia Power continuously invests in its system across the state to better serve customers. Transmission and distribution lines are an essential piece of our infrastructure, moving power from electric generating plants across hundreds of miles to power homes and businesses.  When complete, residents and businesses should see long-term improved service and enhanced reliability.

The construction will not affect current electric service. Georgia Power is also working closely, as needed, with other companies that provide services in the area including AT&T and Comcast regarding their facilities. Throughout the process, Georgia Power will work to complete the project with minimal impact or disruption to residents and businesses. Additionally, the company will ensure its environmental impact is minimal and work directly with property owners on any landscaping concerns.

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Roswell Project Map


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Did You Know?

Across the state, Georgia Power owns a network of 18 generating plants and 19 hydroelectric dams.

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