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Electric Transportation Tour

In our Electric Transportation area, you will learn about both on- and off-road electric vehicles that are making a difference in how we move people and products in our state. From the airport tarmac to the Port of Savannah, electric vehicles are making a big impact in places you may not have even considered. It’s not just about that MARTA train you may be hopping on to head to the airport, but it’s also about the airplane tug that is pushing your plane back from the gate. At the Georgia Port Authority, the giant electric crane is unloading container ships and bringing valuable products to our state –all with the help of electricity. Electric transportation is more than just vehicles – it’s lift trucks, conveyors, locomotives and so much more.

Be sure to check out the electric car in this area and explore the charging station. Learn about the benefits of electric vehicles and calculate your savings by visiting our plug-in electric vehicle calculator to determine emission, cost and rates savings you will gain by investing in an electric vehicle.