Customer Resource Center

Food Service Tour

In the Food Service area, you will find out what The Electric Cooking Advantage® is all about. Several manufacturers are represented in an array of commercial electric cooking equipment options displayed in this showroom. Experience the state-of-the-art demand-control ventilation hood system and explore the broilerless steamer and find out how you can save money and water with this innovative technology. This ENERGY STAR® rated convection steamer offers variable temperature hold modes with lower operating and maintenance costs over traditional broiler-based steamers.

Ever heard the expression that oil and water don’t mix? Well, they do in our kitchen, and they can in yours too. The new continuous oil filtration system fryer is the first of its kind in North America, and we have it right here in our center. Oil and water swirl together in the same fryer to provide a fast and efficient way to meet the demands of a commercial kitchen without a lot of downtime for oil change-out.

Put our electric cooking equipment through a real-world test. Start in our commercial prep area with your own product and then move into the kitchen area and do a little cooking with any of our pieces of equipment and discover the benefits of going electric in your kitchen. Our training areas allow for classroom or demonstration-style instruction for your group or staff. Please check with your Customer Resource Center representative about scheduling an appointment or to make a group reservation. Saving you time and money – all while being energy-efficient in today’s commercial kitchen – is what we are all about in the Food Service area.