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Manufacturing Tour

In our Manufacturing Applications area, you will learn how Georgia Power is Powering Manufacturing Innovation. We provide real technology solutions for a variety of industries. Our representatives will demonstrate some of the amazing equipment featured in this area. Find out about the latest in powder-coat painting and infrared curing technology – truly an innovative approach, saving time, money and energy.

And don’t forget to look up while you are visiting this area to check out the options with energy-efficient industrial lighting. Find out how you can increase your overall light levels while actually reducing your electric usage. And, depending on what lighting upgrades you choose, Georgia Power’s Commercial Energy Efficiency program may have available rebates to help offset the cost.

Today’s productivity challenges continue to increase as demand for quality products at the lowest cost possible have become the expectation. We are here to help you determine how you can best meet these demands and reach your goals. Think you will be using more energy by going electric? Well, think again. Let our Energy Experts show you why it’s all about using energy efficiently and why these technologies make sense for today’s manufacturing applications.