Customer Resource Center

Overall Tour

Welcome to Georgia Power’s Customer Resource Center, a state-of-the-art, LEED-certified experiential facility showcasing The Electric Advantage®.

The first of its kind in Georgia, the center focuses on hands-on demonstrations where you can learn about all the advantages of electric end-use technology and energy efficiency products, programs and improvements. Our Customer Resource Center representatives provide the technical expertise you need to help find just the right solutions for your specific energy-related challenges.

Featured in the center, you can explore sections on Electric Transportation, Electric Comfort Systems, Food Service, Residential, and Manufacturing Applications – all under one roof. Additionally, look for information on other programs and services we offer our customers, like power services, outdoor lighting and renewables.

Upon entering the center, you will find a welcome kiosk featuring a map and display with information on the various aspects of the center. Personal, individualized attention is available to assist you in your exploration of the center.

Our Residential showroom area offers the latest in discovering the value of an electric home. Our electric fireplace gives you the opportunity to adjust the thermostat controls and discover the ease and comfort of a self-contained fireplace so you can plug in the warmth in your own home. A variety of energy-efficient decorative and task lighting options are available for your consideration in planning your lighting needs.

Be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR® label on various appliances that are featured in this area. Current information on appliance rebates is also available in this area. From clothes washers and dryers to refrigerators and ovens, you will discover how you can reduce the amount of water and electricity used in your home and find real cost-saving benefits. Don’t forget to check out our induction cooktop in the kitchen. Ask your customer representative for a demonstration of the ingenious induction cooking technology and discover why this might be a perfect fit for your home.

In the Food Service area, you will find out what The Electric Cooking Advantage is all about. Several manufacturers are represented in an array of commercial electric cooking equipment options displayed in this showroom. Experience the state-of-the-art demand-control ventilation hood system and explore the broilerless steamer and find out how you can save money and water with this innovative technology. This ENERGY STAR rated convection steamer offers variable temperature hold modes with lower operating and maintenance costs over traditional broiler-based steamers.

Ever heard the expression that oil and water don’t mix? Well, they do in our kitchen, and they can in yours too. The new continuous oil filtration system fryer is the first of its kind in North America, and we have it right here in our center. Oil and water swirl together in the same fryer to provide a fast and efficient way to meet the demands of a commercial kitchen without a lot of downtime for oil change-out.

Put our electric cooking equipment through a real-world test. Start in our commercial prep area with your own product and then move into the kitchen area and do a little cooking with any of our pieces of equipment and discover the benefits of going electric in your kitchen. Our training areas allow for classroom or demonstration-style instruction for your group or staff. Please check with your Customer Resource Center representative about scheduling an appointment or to make a group reservation. Saving you time and money – all while being energy-efficient in today’s commercial kitchen – is what we are all about in the Food Service area.

In our Manufacturing Applications area, you will learn how Georgia Power is Powering Manufacturing Innovation. We provide real technology solutions for a variety of industries. Our representatives will demonstrate some of the amazing equipment featured in this area. Find out about the latest in powder-coat painting and infrared curing technology – truly an innovative approach, saving time, money and energy.

And don’t forget to look up while you are visiting this area to check out the options with energy-efficient industrial lighting. Find out how you can increase your overall light levels while actually reducing your electric usage. And, depending on what lighting upgrades you choose, Georgia Power’s Commercial Energy Efficiency program may have available rebates to help offset the cost.

Today’s productivity challenges continue to increase as demand for quality products at the lowest cost possible have become the expectation. We are here to help you determine how you can best meet these demands and reach your goals. Think you will be using more energy by going electric? Well, think again. Let our Energy Experts show you why it’s all about using energy efficiently and why these technologies make sense for today’s manufacturing applications.

When you enter the Electric Comfort Systems area, you will see displays featuring a variety of heat pumps and water heaters, including the energy-efficient Marathon water heater. Let us help you determine the right solution for all of your heating and cooling needs. Not sure about what makes the most sense for your needs? Our representatives will walk you through the benefits of our all-electric and dual-fuel systems. We’ve done the research; now it’s time for you to reap the benefits.

Be sure to experience our building-science display. This cutaway view of a traditional home will give you an inside look into the specifics of how your house works as one system and what makes your home energy-efficient. Our experts will point out areas of potential concern and give you information on how you can improve the safety and efficiency of your home or business, and the value of going electric. Improving life through comfort control is what it’s all about in this area.

In our Electric Transportation area, you will learn about both on- and off-road electric vehicles that are making a difference in how we move people and products in our state. From the airport tarmac to the Port of Savannah, electric vehicles are making a big impact in places you may not have even considered. It’s not just about that MARTA train you may be hopping on to head to the airport, but it’s also about the airplane tug that is pushing your plane back from the gate. At the Georgia Port Authority, the giant electric crane is unloading container ships and bringing valuable products to our state, all with the help of electricity. Electric transportation is more than just vehicles – it’s lift trucks, conveyors, locomotives and so much more.

Be sure to check out the electric car in this area and explore the charging station. Learn about the benefits of electric vehicles and calculate your savings by visiting our plug-in electric vehicle calculator to determine emission, cost and rate savings you will gain by investing in an electric vehicle.

Before you leave, be sure to check out the wide variety of programs and services we offer to our customers throughout the state of Georgia. You will find a variety of offerings featured along the hallway to the left of the reception desk. As you leave the Customer Resource Center today, be sure to notice the energy-efficient outdoor lighting featured in front of the building. These fixtures reduce energy consumption substantially over traditional street lights.

Thank you for visiting our one-of-a-kind Customer Resource Center. We hope your visit has been informative and beneficial. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your representative or check out our website for additional information. At Georgia Power, we are dedicated to providing world-class value and exceptional customer service.