Pricing and Rate Plans


If you like total predictability in your monthly energy bill, Georgia Power has a plan for you. It allows you to pay the same amount every month for a whole year. It’s called FlatBill, and it means no surprises. If you have been a Georgia Power residential customer for at least 12 months, we can customize a bill just for you based on your past power usage and expected weather. For a small premium, we let you lock in a plan with no fluctuations. Your bill amount will be the same every month for an entire year, no matter how much power you use. 

Doug has been a Georgia Power employee for more than 30 years. He really wants to control his budget, and Flat Bill will allow him to know exactly what he will be paying each month with no fluctuations. In the past, Doug’s bill looked like this. In the early part of the year, his bills were typically at one level. By summer, when his air conditioner was running throughout the day and night, Doug’s energy usage and cost would rise to a much higher level. With FlatBill, no one month is higher or lower throughout the year. The FlatBill plan is just one of the options Georgia Power provides. 

You can use our website for more information. Remember, Georgia Power wants to help you save money and energy while keeping you comfortable year-round.