• Are you prepared for storm season?
    From outage alerts to preparing emergency supply kits, we'll show you how to stay safe during Georgia's storm season.
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  • Stay notified with outage alerts
    We can help keep you informed with outage notifications in your neighborhood.
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  • Stay safe and informed
    Report outages online and follow our safety tips during the storm.
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  • Thank you for your patience as we restore power in areas affected by Hurricane Michael
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  • Take precautions even after a storm has passed
    Follow these tips and rules to stay safe when near downed power lines.
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  • We’re prepared 24/7
    Georgia Power is working diligently to assess storm damage and its impact.
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Get Prepared for Hurricane Season

Find free resources and tools from Georgia Power to stay safe during a storm.

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Generator Safety

Portable generators are handy in the event of a power outage, but if not used properly, they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock or fire. Here are some guidelines to help keep you safe.

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Power Line Safety

Power lines are a vital part of the electrical transmission and distribution system. They can also be dangerous. Follow these tips and basic rules to stay safe when working near power lines.

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Prepare for Power Outages

Georgia Power is committed to delivering power reliably and safely. At times, your power may blink, flicker, or go off during a storm. Learn about our ongoing commitment to restoring power quickly, and get tips on how to prepare for outages.

Get Prepared


Safety is a core value for all of Georgia Power’s nearly 7,000 employees across the state as they work to deliver reliable and affordable energy for customers. The company also encourages all of its 2.5 million customers to keep safety first when dealing with electricity and power lines.  

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