• Are you ready for winter weather?
    Follow these tips to stay safe and warm.
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  • Stay notified with outage alerts
    We can help keep you informed when there's an outage in your neighborhood.
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  • Safety is our top priority
    From outage alerts to preparing emergency supply kits, we'll show you how to stay safe during winter weather.
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  • Thank you for your patience as we restore power in areas affected by winter weather.
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  • Exercise caution
    It's important to take precautions even after a storm has passed.
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  • We’re prepared 24/7
    Georgia Power is working diligently to assess winter weather damage and its impact.
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Feature Story

Safety Tips

Trees near power lines can be dangerous. If a snapped or trimmed limb falls onto a power line, do not touch the limb with your hands, a pole or other object. Call Georgia Power or 911 immediately.

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Georgia Power launches annual Winter Weather Preparedness campaign

Georgia Power encourages its 2.5 million customers to be winter-weather ready, as the company is once again partnering with FEMA, GEMA, GDOT and the National Weather Service for Winter Weather Preparedness Week.

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