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Our Promise to You

Value, Reliability, Service and Stewardship—these are the four tenets of Georgia Power's promise to you, our customers:

1. Value

It's a promise. We provide power, guidance and 24-hour support for a price well below the national average—and we help you save even more with an in-home or online energy audit. Now that's a value you can trust, from a company that truly values you.

2. Reliability

Flip the switch and the light turns on. Keeping the power on is one of our top priorities. We are investing millions of dollars in electrical system upgrades and smart grid technologies to make sure that our electric service is as reliable tomorrow as it is today.

3. Service

A little Southern hospitality from Georgia Power. We believe the smallest gestures can go the furthest. A handshake. A phone call. A kept appointment, and most importantly, the time to listen to what our customers have to say. Some may call it old-fashioned but we call it Southern Style.

4. Stewardship

Taking care of the state we call home. We've planted more than 1.4 million trees across Georgia in the past five years, removing almost 19 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the air we breathe every year in the process. From conserving our resources to protecting our planet, we're proud to serve as an environmental steward to the state we call home.

High reliability, low prices and high customer satisfaction are cornerstones of our customer commitment, but it doesn't end there. We're equally dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve. Our vision to be "A Citizen Wherever We Serve" still holds true, more than 100 years after it was coined by our first company president, Preston Arkwright Sr.

Georgia Power works to be the best in energy generation, transmission and distribution. Our goal is outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction, while providing power for prices well below the national average.

Did You Know?

Georgia Power is committed to lessening the environmental impact of traditional energy resources. See our latest energy advancements.

Trees and Power Lines

Safely delivering electricity requires that Georgia Power maintain trees and tree removal near powerlines.
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Did You Know?

Georgia Power serves 2.4 million customers in all but four of Georgia's 159 counties.

Did You

Georgia Power has planted more than 1.4 million trees across the state over the past five years! Learn how we are improving air quality.

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