Energy efficiency for your business

Say hello to a better bottom line with our rebates and incentives.

Our Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs promote the installation of new, energy-efficient equipment.  Available rebates make upgrades more affordable, so you can start saving now and keep on saving through reduced energy cost.

Custom Savings Program

Make your commercial upgrades more affordable with rebates for high-efficiency equipment.

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Prescriptive Program

Earn rebates for installing high-efficiency equipment such as lighting, smart WiFi thermostats, commercial dishwashers and more.

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Small Commercial Direct Install Program

Manage energy costs and maintain a competitive edge with an energy-efficient assessment.

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Easy ways to save money and energy.

Get “free” hot water when cooling.

Many opportunities exist to reuse thermal energy within a building. For instance, rejected waste heat from air conditioning or refrigeration equipment can often be used to serve building needs. To capture waste heat, hot gas desuperheaters, double-bundle condensers and auxiliary condensers can be used on almost every type of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

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Helping our commercial customers reach their energy efficiency goals.

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Business Energy Advisor Tool

Tips and energy management strategies for your business.

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For Distributors and Trade Allies:

Midstream Program

In the HVAC or food service business? Learn more about our program and details on what equipment is eligible.

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Trade Ally Program

To become a trade ally for Georgia Power programs, please contact us at

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