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Energy savings solutions for your small business

Big savings for small business

We're here to help


We strive to help small business customers manage their energy usage. By taking advantage of energy saving resources, our customers have been able to improve their energy efficiency and bottom line.


Discover how we've helped other Georgia businesses like yours

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Warehouse Customer

“It’s been a major transformation for operations. It’s amazing to look up at a pallet 15 feet in the air and be able to read the label.” 

Eric, Warehouse Fulfillment Center, General Manager, Augusta, GA

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Automobile Customer

“The right lighting is essential for us. It can also be a big draw on our operating costs. That’s where Georgia Power stepped in to help.” 

Philip E., 24hr Auto Repair Shop Owner and Operator, Atlanta, GA

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Retail Customer

“After the assessments, they gave us a date that they could put new lights in. I thought it was going to be a months’ worth of work but they got it done in 2 days. It’s just that easy. We’re (now) saving $140/month.”

Macy A., Boutique Store Owner, Millen, GA 

Here are a few tips to help you save:

full load washer

Upgrade to LED lighting

Replace traditional bulbs with LED lights to significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

clean air filter

Power down electronics

Encourage employees to power off computers, printers, and other equipment when not in use. Utilize power strips to easily switch off multiple devices at once.

clear air vents

Optimize heating and cooling

Install programmable thermostats to regulate temperatures and avoid excessive energy use. Proper insulation and sealing can also prevent heat or cool air loss.

turn off lights

Maximize ventilation

Keep vents clear of obstructions to ensure proper airflow and maximize the efficiency of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Energy Savings Resources

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Lower your energy usage with up to 70% off LED lighting upgrades

Our Small Commercial Direct Install (SCDI) Program can help you reduce energy use, lower your operating costs, and see the benefits beyond energy savings with incentives for energy efficiency upgrades.

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Calculate the best rate for your business

We provide businesses of all sizes with options, so that you can select the option that best fits your needs and budget. Use our Business Calculator and Rate Advisor to determine the best rate for you or browse the different rate plans.

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Monitor your energy usage

My Power Usage allows you to track and adjust how much electricity you’re using according to the needs of your business. With 24/7 access to your energy usage information, that means you can view your power usage whenever it's convenient for you.

Are you a residential customer, too?

Manage your electric bill with rate plans tailored for your home and energy-saving resources and tools.