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Electric Transportation

Driving Georgia Forward

Georgia Power is Driving Georgia Forward by helping Georgia businesses with an easy transition to electric transportation. Driving electric offers many advantages from cost savings to benefit the environment. We offer programs to help make the transition easy for you.

EV Charging installed on a separate meter may be eligible for a billing demand adjustment. 

Why Electric Transportation?

Electric vehicles and equipment are quiet, clean and efficient and offers the opportunity to save money on fuel and maintenance costs, reduce your business’ environmental impact and contribute to the energy independence of the U.S. by using a domestically produced source of energy.

Investing in electrification of transportation shows your employees and customers your commitment to decarbonization and sustainability initiatives by directly participating in environmental friendly technologies. More than 100 new electric vehicle models will be introduced in the next five years, so there’s not a better time to get EV-ready.

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Our electric transportation team can answer any questions you have on what switching to electric can mean for your business!

Putting EV charger away

Make Ready Program

Electrify your business

With an increase of clean-driving electric vehicles on Georgia’s roads every day, and the expanding development and production of electric vehicles, batteries and other infrastructure in the state, we’re supporting the state’s growing electric mobility ecosystem.

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