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Northwest Substation Extensive Rebuild Project

Project Overview

  • As part of Georgia Power's commitment to providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable electricity, the company is making new investments in infrastructure serving sections of Fulton County and the City of Atlanta.
  • Georgia Power has maintained a substation on this site for decades, providing electricity to numerous residential, commercial, industrial, and public customers in the area.
  • The construction project is known as the "Northwest Substation Extensive Rebuild project." The effort will involve rebuilding and expanding the existing electrical substation, high-voltage transmission lines, and low voltage distribution circuits that leave the station to serve the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • The project is designed to improve the reliability and resiliency of the localized electric grid, accommodate electrical load growth in the area and replace aging equipment, among other factors.
  • Grading and sitework should be complete by the end of Spring 2022 before substation construction begins. All new facilities should be in service by the Spring of 2024.
  • Georgia Power owns approximately 60 acres of property in the immediate project area. The final substation configuration will cover approximately 11 acres.

Safety and Reliability Improvements

  • The existing and future substation serve as part of the electric transmission source for the area. The new configuration will improve reliability to all the customers served from these stations by strengthening their transmission sources while reducing the likelihood of outages.
  • Customers will benefit from enhanced reliability with the installation of new equipment and built-in redundancies in case of damage.
  • These changes will modernize and improve the overall reliability of electrical service in the Westside area.

Area Impacts

  • The Proposed Site was chosen because Georgia Power operates an existing substation there, and owns the property being developed. This approach will minimize overall impact to the area by avoiding the development of a separate substation site.
  • A substation requires transmission lines to supply it. This proposed substation rebuild has numerous existing transmission lines supplying it. All transmission line work is on Georgia Power property. There will be a new transmission line constructed, linking this substation to another substation in the area.
  • Existing transmission lines and distribution lines are already near the proposed site because the existing substation is adjacent to the proposed site.

Other Facts

  • There will be construction traffic as we expand and rebuild the substation, transmission lines, and distribution lines. Once construction is complete, Georgia Power personnel will only visit the substation periodically with little to no impact upon traffic.
  • Georgia Power will work to provide landscaping and landscape maintenance around the substation once it is complete.
  • Substation will have enhanced security.

Additional Background

Georgia Power continuously invests in its system across the state to better serve customers. Substations, transmission lines, and distribution lines are essential pieces of our infrastructure, moving power from electric generating plants across hundreds of miles to power homes and businesses. Once the work in the areas is complete, residents and businesses should experience long-term improved service and enhanced reliability.

The work being conducted in the area will not affect current electric service. Throughout the process, Georgia Power will work to complete the project with minimal impact or disruption to residents and businesses. Additionally, the company will ensure its environmental impact is minimal.

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding this work, contact us.

Power Flow

The diagram illustrates how we move electricity from power generation to customer homes and businesses. For this project, the components involved are Transmission Lines, Substation, and Distribution Lines.

Substation Location Map

Project Updates

We do not have any updates at this time.


We are happy to answer any questions about the Northwest Substation Extensive Rebuild.

Did You Know?

Across the state, Georgia Power owns a network of 18 generating plants and 19 hydroelectric dams.