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Grid Investment Plan

Customer Impact

Grid Investment Plan

Learn about the overall impacts of our efforts, as well as some of the different types of construction equipment that you may see around your community.

Types of Construction Equipment

Below you will find some common examples of different types of equipment that may be in and around your community.

Traffic Crews

Traffic crews direct traffic around construction areas to maintain everyone's safety.

Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks allow linemen to safely reach powerlines.

Drilling Equipment

Low-impact drilling equipment minimizes disruption to property when placing power lines underground.

Distribution Easements

For Distribution projects, work will occur primarily in the road right-of-way, where the existing power lines, streets, sidewalks, and portions of lawn or vegetation are located. In certain areas, we may need to acquire voluntary easements from landowners to provide enough space to construct, install, and maintain new equipment. An easement will allow Georgia Power to place equipment on the landowner’s property. Georgia Power has authorized contract land agents to work with landowners to acquire easements where needed to support planned equipment. This is a voluntary process and landowners are not required to grant easements. If you are contacted by a land agent, they will be able to explain the easement process. For further information regarding both Distribution and Transmission project easements, you may also contact us at 888-404-1056 or the Contact Us page.