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Grid Investment Plan

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Customer Program

Resiliency solutions for your business

Having a more resilient business is now easier and more affordable through Georgia Power's new DER Customer Program. Georgia Power will own and maintain resources on a customer's site that will provide backup electric service in the event of an outage. These resources provide enhanced resiliency in exchange for a fixed monthly payment on a participating customer's electric bill. Better yet, the customer will have the option to receive a credit from Georgia Power to utilize the resource during system reliability events, making the economics of having enhanced resiliency more attractive.

Why Resiliency?

Although Georgia Power provides highly reliable electric service, some customers may seek additional peace of mind by having onsite resources to provide backup electric service for extended durations. Catastrophic weather events such as ice storms, hurricanes, and severe thunderstorms can impact your electric service and disrupt your operations. This is where Georgia Power's new program can help.

Program Eligibility & Requirements

Georgia Power will add up to 250,000 kW of resources under this new pilot program which will be implemented under two complementary tariffs.

Resiliency Asset Service (RAS)

Applicable to Commercial & Industrial customers with a minimum annual peak load of 200 kilowatts (kW)

  • Georgia Power provides resiliency service via a new customer-sited DER behind the meter.
  • Georgia Power will design, procure, install, own, operate, and maintain the equipment and will charge the participating customer a fixed monthly payment on their electric service bill.
  • Program participation includes a service agreement that identifies the scope, pricing, and commercial terms of a customized resiliency solution.
  • Customers must accept the terms and conditions of the RAS Service Agreement

Demand Response Credit (DRC)

Applicable to Commercial & Industrial customer participating in the RAS Tariff AND must provide at least 1,000 kW of demand reduction through a dispatchable DER.

  • Participating customers can aggregate multiple accounts under the same corporate ownership to reach the 1,000 kW minimum so long as (i) the minimum peak demand at each premises is at least 200 kW, and (ii) the customer designates a single point of operational contact for notifications.
  • Customers participating in the following rate plans are ineligible to participate in the DRC: Fixed Pricing Alternative (FPA), Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), Demand Plus Energy Credit (DPEC), and Time of Use – Supplier Choice (TOU-SC).
  • Customers participating in Real Time Pricing rate plans have certain restrictions tied to their firm load.
  • Participation in DRC allows Georgia Power to dispatch the DER under the RAS Tariff during a system reliability event.
  • Georgia Power will provide participating customers with a fixed monthly credit to offset a portion of the cost of the DER.

Customized Resiliency Solutions

Georgia Power's approach is to provide customers with dispatchable backup resources such as traditional reciprocating internal combustion engines that utilize diesel or natural gas fuel and battery energy storage systems. The resources utilized will be custom sized and configured to meet the specific needs of the customer, their facility, and their operations. Let us do the work for you to design a solution that provides the benefits of enhanced resiliency with the convenience and affordability of a fixed monthly payment.

Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine

Battery Energy Storage Systems

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