Business Solutions

We help a variety of businesses meet their energy needs through our electric transportation and solar programs. Whether you're interested in reducing your carbon footprint or increasing your productivity, we can help turn your potential problem into a solution!

Solar Programs for your Business

Learn about the different solar programs we offer to find the best fit for your business goals and needs. 

Customer-Connected Solar Program

Georgia Power purchases 100% of the solar energy generated and retires the RECs on behalf of the participating customer, giving them the ability to claim the renewable benefits. 

Simple Solar

Go solar by matching your monthly energy usage with Renewable Energy Credits generated from solar facilities.

Commercial Solar Installation

Interconnect your solar panel system to our grid to ensure your electricity needs are always met.

Commercial & Industrial Renewable Energy Development Initiative

Purchase renewable facility production at a fixed portfolio price and receive hourly credits.

Electric Transportation for your Business

From fleet electrification to workplace charging, our electric vehicle experts can help your business save by going electric.

EV Charging Infrastructure

We offer consultative services and can provide turnkey solutions for electric vehicle charging anywhere.

Fleet Electrification

Our Will It Work™ Fleet Electrification process collects real data to demonstrate the savings electric vehicles offer.

Customer Renewable Supply Procurement

Available for subscription for C&I customers with aggressive renewable energy goals.