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Pricing and Rate Plans

At Georgia Power, we offer rate solutions that fit your needs. Use our Rates Overview video or the six navigation tiles to learn which rate is right for you!

Smart Usage

The Smart Usage rate is our newest residential rate designed to give you control over your energy bill and help you save on monthly energy costs. Our Smart Usage rate was designed to do just that. By making small changes to how and when you use energy, you could save on your annual energy bill. 

Your electric appliances, like clothes dryers, ovens, and dish washers, are some of the biggest energy users in your home. By using these appliances at different times of the day, you could reduce your monthly energy bill.


FlatBill is a 12-month contracted rate plan whereby Georgia Power agrees to offer you a fixed monthly bill regardless of your usage during the period, and you agree to pay that amount.

No rising bills during summer's heat or winter's cold - just one flat amount. Best of all, the FlatBill dollar amount is customized and considers your actual past electricity usage and expected weather for the upcoming 12 months. Your FlatBill offer includes an additional amount to guarantee no change in your payment due to fluctuations in usage.

Plug-In Electric Vehicle

This plan offers electric vehicle owners the ability to save by charging during the nighttime hours. On the PEV rate, you can save money on your electric bill by making simple changes like setting a timer for your EV to charge at night. By shifting your electricity usage, including your EV, to the nighttime hours, you can take advantage of lower priced energy. 

Nights & Weekends

If you want to save money by changing when you use electricity during the summer months, then Nights & Weekends is designed for you. By changing when you wash your dishes, do your laundry, or cool your home during peak periods, you can realize considerable savings during the course of a year. You must commit to stay on the rate for at least 12 months.


The PrePay rate puts you in control of when you pay for your electricity. This program allows you to pay as you go with your PrePay account. As you use electricity, your balance is reduced. This flexibility allows you better manage your budget and energy usage. And best of all, there is no deposit requirement, no credit check, and no reconnect fees when you participate in the PrePay plan. 

Standard Service

Standard Service is Georgia Power's basic rate plan and is available to all residential customers. The plan has a monthly base charge and a rate that changes based on your monthly usage and the time of the year. This plan is ideal for customers who are comfortable with fluctuations in their monthly electric bill or are unble to shift their electric usage to the evening and weekend time periods during the summer.

Tariffs Common to All Rate Plans

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Solar Programs

Simple Solar

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Want to support solar energy or have renewable goals but live in an area where solar is not an option or prefer not to install solar yourself? Our Simple Solar program may be the right solution for your home or your business.

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Community Solar



Want to install solar at your home and offset your usage with solar energy but are unable to host your own PV system? Our new Community Solar Program may be the ideal solution!

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Solar Buy Back & Installation

 Residential & Business


Georgia Power customers who generate their own renewable electricity may sell that electricity back to Georgia Power.

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